FAOR Spotting (Johannesburg South Africa)

Hello oaks, here are some photos that I have been to lazy to upload. These were taken before June sometime. We see the old A340 Air Mauritius which has been replaced by the A350 (Yay!), And we see the Air Seychelles A330-200, which will be out of their fleet soon, sadly.

Hope you enjoy!

Dont use my photos without my permission!

Lufthansa Cargo MD11 off to Nairobi

Air Mauritius A340-300 off to Port Louis (Has now been replaced by the A350)


Singapore Airlines A350 off to Changi

Emirates A380 off to Dubai

Air Seychelles A330-200 (Sad it won’t be a thing soon)

And these are the photos! I will post more over time.

Dont use my photos without my permission!


Nice shots the colour is great. Sad Sydney doesn’t get any A350s or A340s anymore.


Thats sad, at least you got multiple 787’s and different carriers.

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Those are some awesome ones, really love the Lufthansa Cargo MD-11😍

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We sure do! Jetstar, American, United, Vietnam Airlines, Scoot, Xiamen Air, LATAM… the list goes on :)

I do too! My favorite plane is the MD11.

@anon31652286 Now you are just rubbing it in…


Oh come on… I’d love to see an A350 IRL :D

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Nice pictures, as always.

Appreciate it! Thanks

@Lolo31R don’t do like you did with @Moritz


Air New Zealand as well :)


The wide A330 wings just gives it that commanding look and presence.

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Nice! Which camera did you use?

Cannon SX60 with lots of editing. :)

Very nice, I love FAOR.

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I love that livery, beautiful.

Very nice shots btw

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Nice shots, jdag! That Air Seychelles A330 has a beautiful livery!

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I do too!

@Aussie_Wombat Much appreciated!

@PlaneCrazy I do too! But sadly we wont be seeing the 330’s anymore. 🙁


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