FAOR - FACT on 21.1 open beta with Dan's stream (I buttered my landing on stream!)

1) Background to the photos
I was lucky enough to get access to the open beta. I saw @AviatorDan starting a stream to fly between the two beautiful destinations in South Africa with 3D buildings so I decided to join the group flight as well. Little did I know Dan would be watching my landing at the end of his stream!

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Johannesburg FAOR to Cape Town FACT
Flight time 02:10
Expert server

3) Photos
Pre-departure preparations:


Flying over Cape Town before approach

In line for landing:

Buttered my landing:

Watching planes flying over the airport from the ground:

I wish I could share the part of his stream where Dan watched my landing, and his reaction made my day, but his stream is private now :(.


Nice photos! Sorry that the stream is private. Poor behaviour on the expert server resulted in a bad example of how the server should actually be used 🙂


Yeah, Dan, unfortunately when there’s a large media following people like to do things they know they aren’t supposed to which ends up it things having to go private.

Also, nice photos @redacted

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ups I think there was still my fault 😢💔, I’m sorry @AviatorDan! He forgot that he was not a casual server.

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