Fantastic KSAN Approach Vectoring

A quick search reveals that geminijets32 already has had some praise for their approach and departure ATC abilities but damn, they are a machine. I just completed a flight to KSAN, the experience was the best yet. Geminijets32 had complete control over the airspace, near perfect vectoring, distributed their attention appropriately across all aircraft, gave instructions speedily and accurately. I would suggest promote this guy immediately, but we need people like him on the playground. I’m very impressed and just wanted to share.



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He 100% deserves it if he does.

Do we Know Geminijets32’s real name?

All we know is, he’s called the Stig.


Haha then he can’t get promoted or recruited if we don’t know who he is😜

Hey guys thanks so much. My real make is Jay


Are you on Advanced Serever?

Thank you so much man! I really apreciate it!! Hopefully I can get into the advanced! :)

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Not yet:( hopefully I will

Jay do you have a Facebook? If so PM me there please😉

Nice to meet you Jay, congratulations on your ATC accomplishments, I strive to control approach / departure as well as you do.

Well thanks! Have been doing approach since ATC came out! And you don’t know how much I enjoy it.


Jay I just PM’d you.

be promoted make Infinite Flight great again. ;) see what i did there

The speed you handled all those people, just wow. You are the first controller to give me correct heading / speed / altitude instructions throughout. The only nag I had was that you asked me to intercept the ILS at 2000, where 3000 would have been more appropriate, but this wasn’t important.

Sorry about that:( it was very busy though. You know the playground

Thanks so much!

I saw Germinijets32 also sometimes in KSAN APP.
Very good introductions, only a little mistake was there. Can recommend him .