Fanta+Plane=that photo below

When I decide to drink a Fanta and hear the sound of a plane coming I run and run and when I get outside and take the photo my pictures look like that 🤣 why do I bother when I know I’ll miss the plane


I noticed this is your second spotting topic in a rather short period of time, if you wouldn’t mind could you place all the pictures in one topic? Thanks. Creating many topics like this just ends up adding unnecessary clutter to the community and makes things hard to find. Thanks!

(Great photos by the way 😁)


Nice picture!

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That’s a better picture than a lot of the ones I’ve gotten. Thanks for sharing!

Yeah but to be honest that spot I am at is one of 4 and one of them I couldn’t access due to a huge car crash and the police would have had a go at me

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Yeah I didn’t mean to post the other one 🤣

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Please review spotting guidelines. Quality photos