Family sharing

Hello guys
I tried to set up a family sharing today.
So I made myself the organizer, and I do already have bought IF back in 2016 or so…
What I wanted to do is install IF on my fathers new iPad Pro… but my purchases didn’t show up on his iPad… is this because I bought the iPhonw version of infinite flight?

Hello! Which purchases are you specifically referring to?

The app purchase or is it something else?

Family shared purchases of the app👌
Turned out I had to wait for a bit until on the bought page in the App Store the sub page bought by „my name“ and other sub page „my father“ showed up.
I find it bad though that purchases aren’t directly shared…


Well, it usually resolve itself automatically when you make a purchase attempt. I know from own experiences within the family, that it sometimes won’t show that another member within the “umbrella” have purchased a specific app. But once you try to purchase it, App Store will check, make you aware that another family member have made a previous purchase and won’t charge you :)

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