Family share subscriptions

Hi , a friend of mine shared his IF pro subscription with me so I tried to have access to the sub but I don’t know how and he don’t know as well , may you help me ? We already in family sharing IOS

You would have to be using the same Apple ID.

If you guys play at the same time it will not work but I don’t know

No we are not we are doing family share it’s sharing all purchased apps and subs but I don’t know how to set it up

Hey! It seems like sharing a Pro subscription isn’t possible on Family Sharing. Found this support topic from a bit earlier:

Looks like you can share the base app purchase. But not the Pro subscription or any other in-app purchases.

You’d have to log in to IF with your friend’s account to play.

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Family sharing on iOS let’s you share your purchased apps. However, subscriptions like Spotify, Netflix and even InfiniteFlight are excluded. You can use them on multiple devices but if you have only „one account“ on your subscription like in InfiniteFlight or a Spotify account for a single person you won’t be able to use them all at the same time. And I think that’s why you‘re not even able to log in with the same IF account, its a single account made for only one person.

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This also applies to any other subscription/in-app purchase on any other app. This is just part of Apple’s system - IAP’s do not carry through Family Sharing.

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