Family, Quinces and Spooky Day in Cali ( MUSEO AÉREO FÉNIX )

I’ve been here in Cali, Colombia 🇨🇴 for almost a week and before I coming here, I noticed this museum nearby about aviation, ships and trains and since I do relatively enjoy all 3 of those topics and seeing miniature models of them I decided to take some time and visit this place it is isn’t to far from Cali and Palmira and it’s actually located on the top left corner of Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport ( SKCL ) and yes there were bigger models on display and I did like them but me personally, I’m more into those smaller models like 1:400 scale but don’t worry I did squeeze in some of those in this and before we begin I’d like to apologize in advance for the glare that you are going to see a lot in these pictures even seeing my reflection at times but hey, there isn’t really anything I can do but enough chit chat, LETS BEGIN!

Just before going inside, you’ll find many abandoned aircraft one of those being this Aerosucre Cargo Boeing 727 rotting away it really sucks to see these birds in the fields of Palmaseca abandoned but hey at least they aren’t in parts eh?

Here is 1 of the 4 mini airports I found in the museum, I don’t know if it is based on a real airport or not, but try to find as many familiar tails as you can.

A display cabinet showing metal cutlery along with a ton of American Airlines jets from my understanding, the museum is quite old or hasn’t been changed in some time since most model aircraft around have planes that have either retired, airlines that have ceased operations or both and almost all of these models still carry the chrome livery which I don’t mind personally since it’s my favorite AA livery! ❤️

Does anybody else remember when Boeing 747s were common? Yeah not me since by the time I was born the twin engine jets were already the norm but here is Colombia’s 🇨🇴 flag carrier Avianca’s queen next to Lufthansa’s queen which would be the main reason why 747s are somewhat still common in the passenger market.

As I mentioned before, I’m in love with AAs chrome livery and the best looking aircraft with this livery in my opinion is the Boeing 757-200 so here is one, every time I see one I just think about AA 965 and the fact we’re near the destination airport of that doomed flight doesn’t help but let’s just move on.

Enough of small models and airplanes for that matter, here is the cockpit of the Colombian Air Force helicopters similar to the one that rescued the passengers of AA 965 but seriously, wouldn’t it be cool to see helicopters in game? Oh well we will have to wait and see.

Exterior shot of the F.A.C. chopper, imagine flying this around Colombia 🇨🇴 in IF.

It can’t be aviation museum without the one aircraft started it all,

The Wright Flyer!

Avianca is actually the 2nd oldest airline in the WORLD 🌎 with KLM being #1 and to show that, here’s the De Vliegende Hollander Douglas DC-3

P.S. if I was wrong please correct me politely :)

Now I saved the best find for last, what could it possibly be? When I first walked in I was BLOWN AWAY with the miniature airport models and when I saw this I held in a scream. Yes! It is in fact a minutare version of Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Airport. how nice is this! After all we are in the area of CLO so I did expect something about it but not this entire model. They even had a minutare version of El Dorado International Airport which is the capital city, Bogotá’s airport sadly there was no model of Jose Maria Cordova airport for Medellin, but to be honest there really isn’t a reason for one, they had CLO since it right next to it and BOG since it is the country’s main airport. You see that side road to the left of the table? That’s the street that will take you to the museum and it gives you a view of CLO you’ve probably never seen before or at least I haven’t but thanks for coming along on this museum adventure stay tuned for Saturday as I fly back home to Fort Lauderdale 🏝️🛥️ once again on the flying school bus hopefully a neo this time along with a window seat but as always between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉👋m

USELESS FACT: The museum is actually modeled in Infinite Flight at SKCL


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Very cool .

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Very cool, thanks for sharing.

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