Falsely given a level 3 violation by an ATC instructor

I took off from YYZ to JFK and when I got in the airspace, I connected to the JFK approach ATC. Due to my location in my house, the wifi was terrible and lagging. I would disconnect and re-connect to the server. This happened 3 times in a span Of 2 minutes. When I connected with the same ATC again and requested approach, I was told to follow guidelines or I will be getting a violation. I checked my black box, and no instructions were given by that ATC. By the time I came to the bottom of my black box, I was kicked out of the server and given a level 3 violation for not obeying the guidelines. I cannot seem to get the instructors info as it only states the date, violation, and description of the event. Someone please let me know if I can get the violation removed as I had no intentions of disobeying the rules & guidelines.

You can contact the controller or appeal for your violation in @appeals

Hello, welcome to the community! If you go to your replay, can you tell us who your controller was? We can connect you with them.

Additionally, you can add @appeals to the PM and provide your replay.

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If this was the expert server, please contact your controller directly to discuss. Include @appeals if you disagree with their reasoning.

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Hello! Could you remember who is you controller?

Turn to logbook then touch the botton ā€œiā€, then PM the controller or @appeals

No need for the same thing 5 times guys.