False Violations

My speed is 592kts which isn’t possible. I wasn’t going that fast and infinite flight was glitching changing my speed. If someone could look into this for me it would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah that does seem weird because it also says your going M.48

I think once a mod sees, this will be able to be reversed, unless I’m missing something

What was your IAS below 10,000?

It says M.48 which is well below 250 KIAS I’m pretty sure

Actually, M.47 is about 310 KIAS at 4,000 feet, that’s still overspending

it the violations it says reduce speed below mach .90 though

But it was all messed up, it wouldn’t show me how fast I was going so i couldn’t tell what my speed was.

did you forget to turn your HUD on?

you then also have a violation saying to check flight parameters did you roll the plane or something?

No it was on, it was shown the same thing as the screenshot above. I don’t know Mach speeds so I couldn’t tell how fast i was going and before i could slow down i already had to many violations to be grade 3

Maybe PM @moderators and one of them will be available. :D

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No I didn’t roll it, I tried pulling straight up to decrease my speed so I wouldn’t get the violations but it was to late.

good luck with convincing the mods

I am confused on how you got to above 500 Knots.

This is a glitch, and most likely will revoke the violations.

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This is a glitch in the replay. Happens to me all the time. The speed shown is wrong. But i do not believe you receive any violations for this. It may show up in the sidebar but it is highly unlikely that you have received any violation unless you were exceeding the speed during the actual flight. Can you recheck in your stats if any violation has been added?

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I have 5 violations in which 4 of them happened in this occasion. I couldn’t see my speed.

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Well, then it is very likely that these violations were caused by overspeeding. Ignore the speed in the replay as it is wrong. Were you at more than 260IAS under FL100?

No, I just said I couldn’t see my speed as it was messed up so I didn’t know how fast i was going in the first place.

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If you are saying that during the live flight your speed was messed up and not in the replay, then it is a glitch and yea, these violations can be reversed.

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You’re best bet is to PM a moderator as already mentioned. No need for people to speculate what may have happened. 😄