False violations?

That wasnt the case for me for some reason, i had to wait till yesterday to get back on Expert server.

Hopefully I get an answer soon…I don’t like TS


Do you not like taxing thru the grass and people landing on you?

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I am sure it will clear up in a few days, and yes, the Training server isn’t the funnest place for us more experienced IF players, especially in busy airports.

Nope, I hate it, almost as much as I hate being told to taxi to a runway when I request taxi to parking


Haha KNUC in the old days…

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And noobs intercepting you at 1300 knots in f-22s


Folks let’s remember. If you flying at 330 knots airspeed at 30.000 feet you are overdpeeding. A normal cruise speed should be around M.75 to M.80. You are likely getting violations for overspeeding


@Tyler_Shelton is this a situation where violations are able to be corrected? Still waiting on a resolution…

You gathered three overspeeding violations.

It is highly unlikely that someone else has used your account, nor did the IP addresses change. I’d imagine this was an oversight on your part, which happens, but the violations do not appear without action.