False violations?

I am unable to fly on the expert server because I have my account shows I am over the maximum violations in 1 day, not sure how considering I haven’t even opened IF in two days, and my last 2 flights before that were in a Cessna 172, which is physically incapable of speeding. I have attached the screenshots of both my stats and my logbook.

Hi, Unfortunately Violations cannot be removed as a computer is responsible of handing them out to you.
Here are the ways of getting violations…
•250 KIAS Under 10,000 Feet
•Aerobatics near an aerodrome/airport or under 10,000 Feet
•Runway Idle without ATC Clearance
•Taxing at 35 Knots Ground Speed Or More
•Exceeding max speed on speed tape
•Aircraft to big for airport

If you do think this is an issue, please go ahead and restart the app or device, or you can try reinstalling.
The last thing I reccomend you do if all else fails is consult with a staff member, they can check why you recieved that violation, hope this helps.
Warm Regards, 305…

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Its unlikely the stats table is displaying false information so you likely did something wrong.

That doesn’t help considering these are violations that I shouldn’t have and couldn’t possibly have gotten. As I said, this is the first time I have opened IF in two days.

I haven’t opened IF in the past two days. Look at the screenshots. My last flight was 2 days ago, so how can I possibly be over the single day violation limit?

This is an interesting one. Can’t wait to see everyones amazing guessing skills 😃


Have you tried restarting the app and re installing? Also how long has it showed that violation count?


… Or maybe someone else is using your account…

I suggest contacting Tyler to try and find out your account activity to see if an unknown IP address is using it.

You sure? I use infinite Flight on both my phone and iPad and the only flights that show up are the ones I do on the specific device.

I stand corrected. I was thinking of the overall stats. You are correct in that the logbook only dispays flights conducted on THAT device. 😊

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I just noticed the violation count today.

Just tried restarting and reinstalling. Issue remains.

Ya on diffrent devices logbooks are diffrent

I log in with my facebook account, which has two-step authentication enabled. I would have received a notification plus been asked to confirm the login with a verification code. Neither of which have happened.

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Are you sure you have not touched or anyone else your IF today or yesterday

I have found that it takes around 5 days for that to clear, my last violation was when i stalled during takeoff and went over the speed limit, that happened 6 days ago and yesterday it finally cleared from the one day violation thing.

100% positive, again as the logbook shows

But it still should let you on expert even if those are on your table because your table doesn’t update except for XP every second

Yes but a logbook is only for one device like example your mom wants to mess with you on some iPad she just found you aren’t going to see it on that iPad

As I have said earlier, my account has two-step authentication enabled, making it impossible for anyone to access my account without me knowing.

Second, this is the only device I am logged into IF with, and it is always with me.

This is too confusing i have no idea lol