False violation(?)

So I was holding an altitude of 10000 exceeding 260 KTS when the aircraft randomly dropped down about 10 feet, I got the over speed message and tried to climb again but the plane wouldn’t let me and neither did auto-pilot, I was given a violation.
Can this be resolved?

Video won’t upload, send me a message if needed!

Level 1 violations are only reversed if a glitch occurred. If you think that was the case, you can send your replay to appeals.

On another note, holding 10,000ft over 260kts is not a good way to keep your violation count down. 250kts or below is guaranteed to give you no trouble :)

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I suggest don’t maintain altitude at 10,000 ft above 259 knots because the altitude can drop below 10,000 ft like 9,999.

Right, but when I tried to climb I was unable

You mean you still getting the violation even after climbing?

Hi, so in real life, most planes are only allowed to be at 250 knots below 10,000. IF put the max as 260 because gusts and many other things so I would recommend to to stay at 250 at or below 10,000. Also I think I know why you were not able to climb, I think it’s because VNAV was on. When LNAV or VNAV is on, you can’t manually change the heading or altitude unless you disable it.

I thought The same thing about the VNAV Or LNAV but after reviewing my video, it wasn’t enabled.

It could also be the fact that you set the altitude as 10,000. If you tried to change the V/S with the altitude at 10,000, then autopilot won’t make the aircraft climb because you are already at your selected altitude.


Your screenshot shows what altitude your autopilot was set to at the time you got the violation warning, I’ve circled it in red below:

That’s exactly what Nayan has described above - increasing the vertical speed while having the Altitude mode engaged and set to 10,000ft will not work, unfortunately, as the target altitude has been reached.

With that in mind, it’s fair to say that Appeals will not reverse the violation, as it wasn’t a system error that caused it. My best advice is that you slow down in time for your next flights and set your altitude to anything above 10,000ft if you’re above 260kts.

You don’t need to stress about it too much, though - if you were Grade 4 or 5, you’ll drop to Grade 3 for just 7 days, after which you’ll be back to your previous grade.

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Alright, thanks for the help, ALL of you :)

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  • 250kts below 10,000ft.

Keep in mind its not at and below in Infinite Flight. Might propose it be mirrored closer to IRL procedures where you can fly at speeds greater than 250kts at a hard altitude of 10,000ft. Done it many times and it states so in the regulations. 🙂