(False Rumor) MD-11 Coming Soon!

DS, at least you get an MD-11.

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Yes that is true but it takes a bit long if you wait for it so just fly control and live and he Will comes suddently

I’m pretty sure I remember seeing that comment from Matt quite a while ago if I’m honest.

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Matt’s comment is from 14 Jan 2012



Lol I wonder what he meant by coming soon ;)
Maybe he encountered issues or something

Plot twist: The post was from 2012.

Well that’s awkward…

I’ve flown the SWISS MD-11

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Finally, a tri jet! Oh wait, 2012.

Wait. The MD-11 has 3 engines.

Illuminati confirmed.


YAY!!! This airplane is magnificent!!! Lately I’ve been so focused on the Dash 8 Q400 I totally forgot about the MD-11.

Half Life 3 confirmed!

The MD-11 revolutionized the cargo and airline industry. It’s one of the most iconic planes to ever fly. Alitalia, FedEx, and all the airlines that used to use them used them until they just couldn’t get anymore out of them. They obviously aren’t as common as they were back when they were introduced by changed the airline industry. Even though most of them are now retired, it doesn’t mean that the developers would exclude them. Look at what they did with Dutchbird in the 320 update. Just because a certain aircraft does not fly for a certain airline doesn’t mean it’ll just be thrown out.

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The MD-11 is the best plane ever and the coolest looking

And the Concorde?

How about the L-1011 Tri-Star

2nd favorite

And the tri engined jet were mostly a success the md-11 is almost the best cargo jet in the world

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MD-11. Can it be downloaded for free?? When is it coming up?

Nobody knows answers both questions