(False Rumor) MD-11 Coming Soon!

Matt said it himself :) Our first Tri Jet :) (Thanks @StikLover2)


I really hope so:)

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Let the MD-11 hype begin!


I’d take a good tri-holer.


Wow! Seems like this is going to be a good year :)


Agreed! I can’t wait :)

When was the status added as “In review”?

Could you post the link please?

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I got this information from @StikLover2

I will attempt to find this link for you!

Boeing, I seem to be on able to see that this has been put in “In review” sorry for the inconvenience!


Last updated 4 years ago ^. Don’t quote me on this but I’d venture to guess that it’s apparently on their to-do list, but not sure if it implies that it’s coming soon.

Just my opinion, I cannot say with certainty since the devs have not commented on this.


Nice way to ruin the moment. I guess there might have been some sort of problem with it so they didn’t get it through.


So unfortunate, wonder when it is coming?

OMG the MD11! Years and years ago, I flew with the Martinair MD11, so I hope they will add the Martinair :)

It’s a beatifull plane!

Forgot to add let MD-11 livery hype begin!

Oh me, oh my. A Tri-Holer. Maxmustang would freak about this!

I would love an MD-11. One of the best widebody cargo and passenger planes of all time <3


so is this actually going to happen soon or…?
This is my favourite plane!! I hope they include cargo as well

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Me, too :D This is going to be an amazing year :)

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Soon means a few months so pleas don’t wait for it everyday because then you mist wait soooooo long