False info from youtuber

Lol, that’s actually cool

You mean a 12 year old producing clickbait content on YouTube for attention who lives with a family that will ground them if they find out that they’re hanging out with strangers on the internet.


There are probably just doing it too get loads of views and you realised he’s got more then 1k subs

Because checking a box without having to provide any proof of age is…easy?


Sometimes they tend to lie about their birthdate and push it some years back as a means of security. I did that once.

And did you learn a lesson?

oh yeah makes sense, that would be easy. IFC needs to add a birthdate (with year) so that these things dont happen. back on topic now

Oh yeah, forgot about that

The example I provided wasn’t meant to be taken seriously and/or literally…but just saying, the conspiracy theorists and speculators are most likely immature and underage.

But even if they did they would still always be a way around this and still lie

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No need to call out someone like that. Sure what they did is wrong, but really?


It’s. A. Hypothetical. Situation. That’s. Supposed. To. Be. A. Joke.

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Only 5 minutes and there is like 30 reply’s 🤣

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We’re deviating from the point here. Anyone can say anything about the simulator and their opinions even if it’s inaccurate, it’s the internet. It is important in this day of age to know which sources are reliable to give you the best information. The internet is very misleading.


Yes. And the last sentence is what my teacher always says

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You see, these are the types of replies that raise a red flag in my mind. Excessive one liners that don’t really make sense, exclaiming at excessive replies/views/subscribers, etc. You don’t need that much attention.

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I just wanted to set a reminder that we don’t want to use this topic just to trash on another community member. I do not think that’s what the op had in mind when creating the topic. Everyone has feelings and the “I hate him” comments are way too far.


Is it just me or we should just stop?


Enough is enough…