False ghosting on expert server

I was doing pattern work touch n gos on at egll expert server
I was vectored by appr then i changed to tower…
I call inbound on tower and all i got in responce was to contact london heathrow tower even i was on the frequency… either the controler was not able to read all calls in heavy traffic… or he/she just ghosted me for no reason. If i am wrong please correct me as well and i have atc log history as well you can see in the screen shot if you guys need it… it is my first ghosting…

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Hey, check that out:

Please PM the either the controller, or Tyler/Mark, they’ll be happy to assist.


That is weird. Do you know who ghosted you? If so, I would contact them and explain. Otherwise someone will contact you personally about it and figure it out. :)

You were likely unknown so follow @mbmhwue148 advice.

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Ground/Tower is being controlled by Kamil Chmiellewski (IFATC help out with the IFC name please :))
Approach/Departure is being controlled by @GHamsz.

Please PM them to inquire about your ghost.

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