False ghost

Firstly, sorry I don’t know how to DM People nor think I’m the rank on here enough to, anyways JetAirways995, a moderator ghosted/reported me which I think is understandable but unneeded.
Now. I took off from EGUL (RAF Lakenheath) which is a home to F-15E’s in real life, I started flying south, climbed to 7000 feet and kicked on the afterburners (I was in an F-16) anyways I was searching for the bombing range so I could do simulated strafing, I did then descend low north of London City Airport (where I presume the atc who ghosted me was) I was nowhere near the downwind and I was actually banking left to head to the coast. Yes, I was going WAY too fast, but am pretty sure there’s no rule on going fast near non atc airports, (I may be wrong) but I was going 400-1000 at times which yes, is way too fast, but I was not even in the London city downwind, and was turning away from London city. I tapped into LCY ATIS for a second to see what landing runway they were using cause I was debating If after I fo to find the range and fly over the ocean, I would pop in there for a touch n go, I dunno how to DM but I understand how this was somewhat fair, but not really as I wasn’t near his airport, Thanks guys! Just wanna talk to him! :)

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I think your guy is @Jet_Airways_995

to pm press on their profile or click on

(the name in grey)and press on message and write what you need to. this is how you PM! :)

In the expert server, no matter where, you can go as fast as you can above 40000 ft, below that there’s a speed restriction

@Boiseaviation, I shall PM you shortly.

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