Falling through the runway

iPad Pro

Falling thru the runway at EETN…👇🏼


Going to have to clear scenery cache after a restart then do a flight on solo.

Most of these issues were resolved with build 18.2

Looks like some corrupt files a quick clear of the cache should help

Cache was clear… I clear it after every flight!

That’s odd. Cellular or WiFi?


Well for now fully power down your device, Relaunch IF and clear scenery cache (might have to clear more than once when you experience this).

Try to replicate this on Solo at the same airport. Hopefully that clears it up.

Haven’t seen these issues lately.

Just tested landing there now it’s fine for me I just say close all apps restart device and clear the cache

@Chatta290 @Justin0623 @Levet thanks dudes… I pretty much know the process, I’m on the beta team, just making it known it happened when it’s not supposed to on the RTM version. It’s probably just “one of those things”… but trust me I know what to do! ✌🏼


Have you tried reinstalling the application? I have had a similar issue and that was the only way to solve it.

No problem hopefully you root the issue

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Well but I did after updating to 18.2. Was landing at LLBG few days ago when same issue happened.

If you’re referring to what was fixed in the last update, this wasn’t it. It was the black tiles.

This happens to me occasionally. A restart or cache clear doesn’t normally work.

For me, either a short flight on solo does the trick, or I find that if you restart the flight and use a different runway (can be same airport) then the problem doesn’t re-occur.