Falling through the ground

As soon as i spawned at LEMD, i immediately fell through the ground. No matter which gate or which plane, i always fall through the ground. i cant do anything. I tried clearing the scenery cache but it didnt work. Can anyone help?


These guidelines may be helpful:

It is suggested that re-installing the app helps in an instance clearing scenery cache didn’t, though i’d first recommend following the steps in the order given in case they might help :)


Don’t forget to try restarting your device :)

That happened to me once but I did what infinite flight told me to do and now I am a very happy flyer!

Just happened to me a second ago and I relaunched IF and it worked for me

I had the same thing just happen to me!

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I tried, it worked! Thank you

This happened to me and the system automatically reported me for doing “acrobatics near the airport”

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