Falling through the ground

My device.

One plus3T6gbRam
Android 8.

Sometimes when I’m on the raceway, with everything ready, my plane falls into the void in an absurd situation. (Note photos/height)
This causes me to be penalized for speeding, putting me through unjust violations.

How to fix it?

Have you tried restarting your device?
Also, an app reinstall can also help as there is a chance these are corrupt files.
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Is this for everybody airport? If so, just use a different airport as some can do this, but if this is for all airports, reinstall IF because it is likely because of a corrupt terrain file.

Happens to me sometimes.
I also turn my mobile phone off at night.
Terrain data is not downloaded, it’s a server, so there should be no corrupt data.


You never know… better try reinstalling to see if that is the case.

This is a known issue. Usually due to corrupted files. A reinstall usually solves it.

In a rare case it may be because of incorrect airport terrain.

Which airport was this at?


Loaded up into the same field as the issue happened, with the same aircraft. No sign of the issue, so this can be corrupt files on your end so im sure a reinstall will work.


Okay, I’ll try to reinstall it.
It’s a pity that I get the rapes for speeding by exceeding 250 knots to less than 10,000 feet without having taken off before…


PM @Tyler_Shelton with proof of this issue after the reinstall after your issue is resolved, show him your gradebook with violations and im sure he would be kind enough to remove them as they were caused by corrupt files :).

When did this happen? The last violation on your account is from October. You likely ended session before any were applied if this were recently.


If you do experience any other bugs, please check here before making a new topic:

This happend to me once. Closing the App and relaunching it fixed it.

To be safe, it is better to redownload the app.

I did that but not works.
Reinstall and it works now!

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Just today it happened at the airport in sevilla, and yes, I left right after the warning.
I’m going to see if it worked out.

Thanks. Just avoid that spot and we’ll address it as soon as we can. Cheers!