Falling through the ground (Recived Violations)

I have fallen through the ground 3 times this week on IF, first two occurred at Bodrum in the DC-10, the first of these resulted in the a/c crashing second I was able to take off with full power to get out the ground.

The most recent one was just now in Bucharest, I was taxiing to 8R in a E170 and have fallen through the ground on the taxiway. I believe I got a violation for doing acrobatic manoeuvres because of the fall.

I’m on an iPad (5th Gen), IF is up to date and I’m running iOS 13.3.1. I have just re-installed IF so I am unsure if the issues will re-occur, if a Mod could PM about the violation it would be appreciated.

Please see this post in the FAQs as it might help with your issue:

Regarding the violation: It might be the best thing to send a PM with the replay to the moderators to get the issue solved if you have received a violation due to an app error.


I’ve just cleared cache so I’m going to try the flight again and see from their what happens with it. I can’t send the replay as I’ve just uninstalled the app, I hadn’t thought of that @JulianB

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PM @schyllberg w/ replay :)

Edit: I just saw that you lost the replay I think they might be able to look on there end or something. Not sure though

This happens usually to a lot of people. This happened yesterday to me as I was taxing to the runway. I left the Flight immediately before receiving any unnecessary violations and cleared the scenery cache. I restarted the app after doing so and cleared the scenery cache once again just in case.

After spawning I then had no problem taking off. In some cases I had to solve the issue many times as the “holes” started appearing in other taxiways.

@JulianB stated the temporary solution from the #support 19.4 FAQ. But this is something you should look out for every flight.


I don’t believe the percentage of this occurring is higher than before. But we have twice the amount of active users, if not more at any time right now. So the amount of reports about it as well as self-experiences due to increased usage is probably due to that.

Might however be an idea for us to revisit this, since it’s been a while we took a stab at it :)

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I would say I’ve probably experienced it only a handful of times in the last 2 years, I understand if it is a more recent bug causing it then obviously it won’t have happened too long ago. The 3 times in 1 week is surprising to me considering how little this has been an issue anytime before.

I’ve just had the exact same issue on the taxiway at Chisinau, falling through the ground nose wheel first.

Edit: This happened twice in a row on the same taxiway, same aircraft even after clearing cache.

Restart your device

Done, I try restart it before every flight. I taxied away from the problem area and am now on the way to Dublin so all is good for now.

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