Falling through the ground, receiving 4 violations, but logbook saying 5.

So I was doing KPHX-KAUS yesterday, I overslept, and when I woke back up, It said I got 4 violations. My logbook said I got 5, which doesn’t make any sense.
I did clean the scenery cache before the flight, and I don’t know what happened.
Here is the replay:


And here is the log book

I begin to start falling out of the sky at 3 hours 20 mins 30 seconds on the replay.

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I can’t access your replay. But in the heading you say «falling through the ground»
You did fall from the sky and crash right? Stall issue, fuel issue?

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It was a fuel issue, I ran out of fuel over the Pacific Ocean.

Will try to get the replay back up.

Well this is easy then. Irrelevent if you fell through the ground, you picked up speed vios on the way down.

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Your replay is 0mb. Maybe try to send it again. That will make it much easier to see.

Didn’t actually, they came when I was in the ground.

Resent now, it should work.

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Working niw

If that’s not working, try this code.

This is where the flight should have ended:
No vios would have been received

It is because you where overspending already. Your speed was above 350knts on cruise so you would of got ghosted and throttle cut.

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And you were also cruising at 12.000ft which idk why…

Ok, so you receive a warning at minute 27, you then get ghosted at 29 for excessive vios. This is enough time for 4 or 5 violations.

Strange that the crash screen isn’t showing though.

No, I wasn’t over speeding. I ran out of fuel, throttles were cut, and I crashed into the ground. If I didn’t go through it, I wouldn’t have gotten violations.

On cruise you were over 350 knots also so…

It didn’t. I hit the ground at minute 27 but the first vio came at around -150 feet.

No, all the violations that occurred happened while I was underground, none in the air.

If I ran out of fuel I would have accepted vios lol.
Anyway; Speed in replay show GS not IAS

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IAS at time of fuel cutting was around 260, I remember this before I went to sleep.