Falling through the ground at KCLT

I had just started taxiing at KCLT and out of no where my aircraft just fell through the ground. So I reloaded the flight again and as soon as I started taxiing, I fell through the ground again. Is anyone else experiencing this? I have no idea why this is happening to me. I will share a replay if needed.

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Hi! Please go to:

Settings > General > Scroll Down > Click Clear Scenery Cache (2nd from bottom).

You may need to restart your device afterwards if it doesn’t work.

After these steps the problem should be resolved.

Hope this helps!

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That did not fix it. I just tested it in solo and I still fell through the ground.

That was happening to me as well, I deleted and reinstalled the app and it began working again.

Were you taxiing from the B gates? Because that’s where it happens. I fall through the ground right after leaving my gate. I really don’t want to uninstall because I don’t want to lose my replays.

I was practicing in solo at KIAH and just kept falling out of the sky upon spawn and when I was taking off it glitched into the ground. I deleted and reinstalled and now it is working perfectly, so I think that is the only thing that will work.

I’ll consider that as a last resort then. If any mods or staff wanna chime in here, I’ll show them my replay of it happening so hopefully we can come up with a better solution.

Ok I think I’ve fixed it. I had to clear my scenery cache a few times but it seems to be fixed it now. Thanks for the help.

Glad it is working. Clearing cache while not flying, sometimes multiple times, followed by a good device restart usually solves a lot of these issues.

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