Falling through scenery and getting reported

TheI was flying over EGLL on training server at about Mach 3.00 and at a altitude of 20.000ft with the F22. I was flying manually. Due to the high speed my nose was pitching up, so to counter this, i had to pitch down with my iPad (I used trim too). Due to this my iPad screen turned around, and my nose went rapidly down starting a rapid decent. As I tried to get the screen to go back to the original, the plane hit the ground, but it didn’t crash, it just flew straight down through the ground, and as my altitude went further and further down, my plane started spinning. Right after I get a red text saying I have been reported and ghosted for doing acrobatic maneuvers in the vicinity of an airport. I end flight to not get any more reports. After ending flight I check my grade and see that I have 2 reports and ghosts, Now I can’t fly on the expert server or apply for IFATC.

Can anyone please help me to remove this, as I never intended to abuse the infinite flight rules.

Regards MThef.

The issue was solved, the topic can be closed :)

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You can talk to a moderator about it and they will try to assist you with your problem. Also, when there is a glitch in progress, next time, exit immediately. You will always suffer from a violation if you don’t exit when IF glitches out.

In addition, to fix the falling through Scenery:

  • Clear your Scenery Cache (Setting -> General -> Clear Scenery Cache)
  • Restart your Device

Well, my aircraft was probably spinning like a 100 times a second, so I didn’t have any reaction time. I’ll try to contact a moderator.

Thank you anyways.