Falling Through Runway at ETAR

I have been having some taking off from runway 9 and 8 at ETAR, my aircraft just falls through the ground endlessly. I have tried it multiple times with both an A333 and B739 but for both, it just keeps falling down. How could I fix this?
Device: iPad Air 1
Thanks! -Marcus


Clear your scenery cache in the settings and you should be fine.
Settings -> General -> Scroll down to clear scenery cache and click it.


Thanks, just tried it but it did not quite help, I still keep falling through the ground.

Close IF (make sure to stop it from running in the background by using the task manager), restart your device and open IF again. Clear your scenery cache one more time and try spawning at the airport.

I have just tried spawning at ETAR, I did not have any issues.

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Did what you said and it is working now!
Thanks for the help!

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