Falling through in Tashkent

I’m trying to do a flight from Tashkent to Istanbul and every time I try to taxi to the runway at Tashkent I always fall through the map? I’m not sure if it’s a bug or something wrong on my end but it’s happened all 4 times Iv tried.
My previous flights Iv done have been fine.
If it is something that might be wrong on my end I’d love some help to know how to resolve it!
Thanks :)

Try clearing your scenery cache, common issue. Under: Settings > General.

If it doesn’t work, try a quick app restart.


I’ll try that now! Cheers

Hey Iv just tried that and sure enough I went through the map again. I’ll try a different airport and see if it does something similar

Yeah I’m airborne out of Antalya and had no issues

Restart your device and it should stop you from falling through the map if the clearing scenery cache didn’t work.

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