Falling through holes on the ground

Hello everyone. Today I was casually taxing along at KSEA minding my own business when my 737 fell though a hole! I fell for a long time in blackness and got a violation for Aerobatic manoeuvres at airports. I didnt do anything to earn this violation. And the whole was rather disturbing. Anyone know whats going on? Can anyone revoke my violation?


Hole? Like was there a visible hole in the ground? Or did you fall into an invisible void?

Where were you taxing when it happened (where at KSEA)?

Have you done anything to fix it, and have you been able to reproduce it?

If you got a violation via game error contact @appeals with your replay handy!

Finally if this is a consistent issue, then this will be moved to #support, could I get the device specifications?

It’s not that complicated, it’s an issue that’ll appear once in a while - no need to ask for specifics and such. To fix the issue, all you have to do is go to Settings > General > Clear Scenery Cache. After doing this, restart your app.

As for your violation, send a message to @appeals and they’ll reverse it for you without hesitation. Thanks!


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