Falling through ground

Again this is happened to me. As soon as I spawn I immediately start falling underneath the ground. I tried this multiple times and cleared scenery cache but it still happened. Last time I was told that it could be poor internet but I just tested it and it was a 40mbps download rate. I believe that this is fine.


Hey there,

Sometimes you are required to restart the app and/or reboot the device before clearing the scenery cache again. I may suggest you to spawn in different locations around the airport.

The first time it happened to me when I was taxiing to a runway. So then I tried to spawn again and this happened consistently

I had this issue too. I used to fall through the ground (twice) at OKBK, I restarted the app and cleared the scenery cache multiple of times. I fell through the ground while taxing to the runway, or actually in the runway. After my third or fourth try I have managed to take off successfully from the airport.

So, it takes a few tries if the issue persists. This is a known issue from a lot of users when terrain isn’t loaded correctly.

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I experienced it and I actually got a violation because my plane started to turn upside down and I got a violation for performing stunts at an airport.

Yes, it got reversed but it was still ridiculous!

They also told me to restart the app and clear the cache. Which I do before every flight.

So I don’t really know what to do. But it hasn’t happened since…

Best of luck!

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I believe this should be in #support because it’s a technical issue you’re experiencing

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If this has happened after clearing the scenery cache and restarting your device and the app etc. multiple times, you could try reinstalling the app. However, you will lose any replays you have, so you would need to back them up before reinstalling. When testing it’s best to try it out on solo to see if you still fall through the ground.

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Exact same issue here and also got violations.
I reboot my iPad before each flight but it just happens sometimes.

I also have had 2 other issues:
• mysterious invisible holes in the taxiway which i get stuck in and forcing me to restart the whole thing (reboot, FPL, loads, etc…)
• pitch and roll unresponsive either close to v1 on take offs or about 300ft prior to landing.

I can confidently say that I’m not sure the latter issue may ever be surpassed by any better extreme situation Pilot training. :)

I sent a message to @appeals and a moderator and while they each have been read multiple times, I’m guessing they’re just receiving many of these so I’ll just have to be patient.

Glad to read that at least one of the matters doesn’t happen to le only !

Try clearing senery cache. this can be done at IF -> settings -> general.
its at the bottom

IF really need to fix this issue as it seems to be happening to multiple users

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Every game has issues. Pretty sure it revolves around how the data from their servers gets sent to a persons device, and along the trip from the servers to your device it can get corrupted. And then you fall through the ground, it’s not really a “Fixable” issue from my understanding from what i’ve read in most of the topics. It’s more keep trying till the file isn’t corrupted, by doing what they say, clearing the scenery cache, restarting the app until it downloads properly