Falling through ground at OMAA.

Hello I was just taxing at Abu Dhabi and my A380 fell through the taxiway. I was just wondering how to fix this from not happening again. Thank you

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have you tried clearing scenery cache in settings?

No I have not I will try now though

In Infinite Flight

(Settings -> General -> Scroll all the way down -> Clear Cache)

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Just cleared it, I will check again. Thank you for the help!


It just did it again after clearing the cache. What else should I do?

Try reinstalling the app, and or rebooting your device.

I will try that after, I just started a different flight out of Warsaw to New York and I just took off, and I had no problem with the ground there. Thanks for your help though!

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Same thing happened to me just now, I cleared cache and will restart device, hopefully that works or otherwise it could be a bug?

Edit: clearing cache + restart solved the problem

That it’s happening at all, yes. That is a known issue…
But it’s not specific to OMAA.


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