Falling Asleep at the Yoke

So I was making my way up from KSEA to PANC, and well after I had gotten departure taken care of and had climbed up to cruise altitude. I had about three hours to spare, so what do I decide to do? I take a nap, as I can feel the stress I’m in from things outside of sim. The nap feels great, I wake up momentarily and check my flight. Still have two hours to go. So I go back to my bed, and close my eyes once again. After a dream I can’t remember, I woke up. I walk over to my phone and seen what had happen. I was about 50 miles south of Ted Stevens heading southbound. I glanced over to my “Distance to Ete” on my taskbar, and sure enough, I saw those two dreaded lines.

And with only 4% of fuel left, I headed westbound, alerted the passengers over the PA system to assure them no one had been poisoned in the cockpit, and diverted the aircraft to Kodiak. (PADQ). Now I wait. I wait for the fuel trucks to help me with fuel, and I shall begin the taxi shortly. What am I going to tell my boss? :(


Maybe he’ll let you have a another chance, but you can post it here:

Correct me if wrong

PS: always double check fuel before you depart I’ve learned the hard way too.

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50nmi ain’t that bad. There was a time(I think last week Tuesday), I was flying a 787-8 to Doha from Nairobi. At around 300 nmi, I tried to squeeze in a nap. When I woke up, I was just South of Baghdad. I had around 40 minutes of fuel left.

Yep my boss was mad too and my job is being advertised :(


Seems about right, though I feel like it would be neat to add like a “Sleeping Stories” thread or something for that matter.

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I don’t know what you will tell your boss but you should think of a good excuse

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Take a far left and out the 🚪

When I do a long haul flight I always set an alarm to go off about 40mins before ETA so that I can be ready to program in my arrival and land safely. Do this for both day and night flights!

happy landings

One time I fell a sleep while being vectored into Johannesburg… Woke up to my first (and only) ghost ever 💀

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I’m pretty sure I spotted you. I was the Alaska flight coming from Seattle just before you. You did fly to kodiak and back to anchorage when I checked on your flight status.

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Consider this to be your last flight flying for Alaska airlines


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