Fall Spotting @KPHX (but it doesn’t feel like fall)

Hey guys! Today I went spotting with a fellow IFC user @Brody_Swiatek! It was really fun and I enjoyed it! I took another total of 150 pictures.
Anyway let’s get into it!

First off with a SWA 737 off to Chicago Midway!

Next up is a Delta A321 roaring off to Detroit!

Another SWA off to Houston!

4th in sequence is a Delta Connection E175 off to LAX

5th up is a jetBlue off to JFK

he protecc, he attacc, but most importantly, he pushbacc

A Gulfstream III going around after what it looked like being way to high

I’ve run out of captions

A Delta 737-800 roaring off to SLC

The Gulfstream’s 2nd attempt and lands this one

And finally, a United 737-700

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I hope to go spotting again in about 2 weeks!

Please rate my photos and tell me what I can do to improve!

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Which picture was your favorite?

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Thanks for viewing and have a great day!



Yes!! KDTW is my home airport and Delta’s A321 is by far one of my favorite aircraft. The second picture was my favorite (for obvious reasons). These were some AWESOME photos and I can’t wait to see more content! I hope to see more KDTW photos in the future!

Stay safe,



I like the SWA 737 touchdown with the Delta in the the foreground the most! Unfortunately, you can only have 10 pictures in a spotting topic.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! I just have to get through one more week of school until a week off so I’ll definitely be spotting again then!

Thank you and ok

Ah whoops I voted 3 for the first poll when I meant to vote 3 for the second lol. Don’t take it personally it was an accident rip haha nice photos tho! 3 is stunning with the mountains in the background

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Ah haha no worries! Glad you liked it!

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These could have potential. Try not to shoot backlit and do some cropping and editing and it will look 5x better than how they look now.

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pretty cool!!! good job👌

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You had me laughing 😆 🤣 😂 with that caption


Okay I will try! Would Adobe Lightroom help with that? I have no experience editing but I will start trying! Thank you for the feedback!
Also I went spotting around noon to about 2pm so the sun was playing a factor into that

haha thanks! I always try to put something funny where I can

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thank you so much! Appreciate it!

Yes Adobe Lightroom is good for editing. While it can’t recover backlit photos it’s good for editing properly lit photos and so forth.

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Lovely pictures! Hope you enjoyed your time there!

Thank you! Yeah I truly enjoy being at the airport, I get this inner feeling like I belong there. Just waiting for fall to finally to come so its not 105 anymore 😂

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okay thank you!

I voted Picture 6 for the caption

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Hahaha thanks!

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