Fall Pictures at Minneapolis/St. Paul International

Hey folks, did some fall spotting and caught some nice aircraft in my time, check them out, or don’t.

Almost twilight touchdown of a UPS 757 on 12R.

N509GU, an Embraer 135 carrying the Joe Biden Campaign press pool.

Joe Biden’s campaign aircraft, A 737-500 taxing for departure.

N796AN on short final to 30L carrying the Dallas Cowboys to play against the Minnesota Vikings a week or two ago.

A FedEx 757 turns onto taxiway mike in twilight to taxi to the ramp.

Eastern 767 on short final to 30L.

I like this shot, I thought it was pretty poetic, a full yellow moon up over the terminal on Halloween night.

Come back in a few months when I catch some more interesting ones.

Nikon D5600
Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3G ED VR


These are actually amazing, well done!

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Very nice photos! Maybe you can get that last photo uploaded to JP!

oh it’s a topik

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Im not hating on Biden, but isn’t it cheaper to run a campaign in like a Private Jet and not a 737? AGAIN IM NOT HATING, just saying

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He did use a few business jets, but I feel like it’s more for symbolic purposes having his “own plane”.

Nice shots! The OneWorld 777 is definitely my favorite

I got a joke but I don’t wanna offend the Democratic Party so, I’m not saying It.

But I still don’t see why not use like a Desualt Falcon or somthing but hey Not my problem

Nice ones dude 👌🏼

Fantastic pics

Don’t forget that during his 2016 campaign, Mr. Trump used his 757…so I really don’t see a difference there.


His company owned it from before, all he’s saying is why buy one just for this specific purpose.

Cool pics 👍

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Cried on my iPhone SE

He didn’t buy it, it was leased for a short period of time from Kaiser Air (which is why the livery is very bare). Leasing one would definitely cost less than buying a private jet, especially since he didn’t even use it for more than a couple months.

Kaiser Air also leases planes to the Sharks, Rolling Stones, and a couple other bands/sports teams so they probably didn’t charge as much as other companies


Im Not a big fan of Biden, But I like the livery on his plane and the photo is awesome.

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It’s… just a sticker. 😂


Yeah I got jokes for that too

I know, but it looks nice the way they have it on there

Nice job ace