Fall off the grid without having made a mistake

hello I didn’t understand why it falls off the grid without wanting to have done a violation just because the landing numbers increased I fell off the grid I didn’t think this punishment was fair, I know that there is little left but the IF could have kept who was in grid 3 who was in the grid 2 and so on and the next level up would change this requirement

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20.1 came with new grade requirements. You can check them out in the new user guide!


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A lot of thought went into the new grade system. It is for the best as will become clear in the long-term. You may not have done anything wrong to receive your lower grade, it is just a reflection of the updates facilitated alongside 20.1.

This isn’t a #support issue. If you want to petition a change, head to #features when you reach the appropriate trust level and check the following post out: just click here.

Hope to see you back to the Expert Server soon!

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What do you mean by falling of the grid?

Hello! Take a look at this:

You will see all of the new requirements for each grade.

I think that meant dropping a grade. May be a translator error.

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I understand but what I think the IF should do to keep everyone’s grid and to move on to the next one, yes, I would enter the new rule

I see where you’re coming from, but due to the fact that we have a large number of new pilots, we need to make getting to a certain grade a legitimate achievement, attainable with hard work and commitment. You’ll get there in no time!

The new 90-day landing requirement for G3 is 30 - which is achieveable in just 10-15 minutes of T&Gs

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