Fall 2023 Trip to Miami and an Inaugural ITA Airways Flight to Rome - Return Pt 2: Miami to St. Louis

Hello folks, the time has arrived as it was time for me to back home to St. Louis yesterday after we got back to Miami from an awesome vacation at Rome 🇮🇹. As mentioned yesterday, @NonStopsAviation and I enjoyed Italy especially the foods, and plane spotting at FCO airport. As it has come, I thank him for everything he has done. So I hope you enjoy this trip as it come it two parts. I will be posting the shots regarding Pt 1 of this Pt2 return trip which is American Airlines Flight 695 going from Miami to Dallas-Fort Worth 🇺🇸 as my connection flight in order to get to the 314 STL.

American Airlines Flight 695 - Miami to Dallas-Fort Worth 🇺🇸
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200
Origin: Miami International Airport (KMIA)
Destination: Dallas-Fort Worth Int’l Airport (KDFW)
Flight Time: 3hrs 20mins
Server: Expert

Here I am at Gate D28 at MIA airport as I am ready to board this big beast to Dallas 🇺🇸. My dear friend @NonStopsAviation took me around Miami for a bit to explore the three schools that I went to when I was a kid and a teenager and then the house in Coral Gables where my Grandma use to live before taking me to the airport. He got me there at 3:10 PM which wasn’t that bad as long as I didn’t miss the flight. I checked-in, got my boarding pass, and went through security before heading to the gate. Before I headed to the gate, I went and bought Oreos most stuffed cookies 🍪 and Mentos Gum to eat on the plane.

We departed at exactly 5:00 PM from Gate D28, started up its engines and now, taxiing to RWY 8R for takeoff out of MIA airport

Prepare for takeoff as we are about to line up and begin our takeoff roll RWY 8R

And liftoff we go off to Dallas 🇺🇸. Goodbye MIA. C ya next time. What a great time I had in Miami with NonstopPopFM at Grandma’s house before heading to Rome and after coming back from Rome.

We have reached above 10,000 FT as we fly west as you can see MIA airport that we tookoff from

Cruising at FL360 over the Gulf of Mexico after we flew over southern tip of Naples, Florida 🇺🇸, the AA Flight Attendants served us Biscoff cookies 🍪 with a choice of beverages to which I chose Sprite 🥤 as always and also my Oreo cookies that I bought at the airport

Chewed my bubblegum before and during descent upon preparation for landing as we are getting close to DFW airport

On short final RWY 18R, so weird that there are no runways on the 18s at DFW. Welp, here goes DFW that have 3D buildings in 23.3 to which they have done such a hard work on

And just landed at Dallas, crossing RWY 18L before taxiing to gate D27 for our arrival to DFW

And I’m here at DFW and here is the shot of my plane at Gate D27 after I deplaned. Now I’m off to gate C38 by catching the DFW Skylink to Terminal C. 45 minutes to 1 hour later, we got switched to Gate A13 to where I took the Skylink from Terminal C to Terminal A to get to Gate A13 to catch my flight to STL.

And that completes the first part of the return trip to St. Louis. Stay tuned for the final part as American Airlines Flight 1010 on the American Airlines AstroJet Livery Boeing 737-800. Be safe and have a blessed day.


nice pics, love the lighting. might wanna move this to Screenshots and Videos bc im a minimod :p


Love it! I’ll hopefully be doing a trip on AAs 787-8 in Mid November but they might change the plane to a 777-200ER

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Oh shoot, didn’t realize I had that posted in General instead of Screenshot

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Well it depends on the departure and arrival time of that flight

AA only offers one daily MIA → MAD service ( AA 68 )

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Wait, you’re going to Madrid? Mid November? I was thinking of DFW

yeah ( characters )

Yeah, I was thinking of MIA-DFW from the one that I posted and it depends on the departure and arrival time where that route is flown on various aircrafts

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