Fake spotting @ HECA

Fake spotting because all of these were taken in solo

Flight information
  • Server: solo
  • Flight time: 0:01
  • Route: HECA - N/A

Headed for Jeddah maybe

To Kuwait City maybe I dunno

Definitely Amman

Paris CDG

I honestly have no clue where they fly to, but I saw this airline on flight radar

Headed for Dubai

On its way to its base in Addis Ababa


New rectangles have appeared!


Imagine not using the trick I found to get rid of them. 🙄

Great photos other than the A220!


Best plane Forever and always

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Too lazy to tbh

Great shots bro

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They are a Nigerian carrier from the province Ibom (like their name) based in Uyo, Nigeria. They started domestic operations with I believe 5 CRJ900s but then decided to wet-lease some 2 A220-300s from EgyptAir (maybe that’s why you saw it in Egypt, or did you see it in Nigeria?). That‘s also why they only have a temporary white livery on them. In the meanwhile they have ordered A220-300s and -100s themselves (which will be delivered in late 23/24) and plan to expand internationally with them.
They are known to be one of the best and most reliable airlines in Nigeria, which to be fair isn‘t really hard if you compete against the likes of Air Peace and Asman Air who both have desastrous quality of service and maintenance.

Great shots as well! I just wished for a little more diversity of angles, maybe simulating a switch in spotting locations ;)


pm me how to do the trick pls

Aha, thanks for the bit of information on Ibom Air!

Yeah, I agree. My creativity has died down a bit so this is all I could come up with at the moment. Thanks for the feedback though, always appreciate it. Will keep it in mind next time I make something similar!

Dang that jump scare scared the you know what out of me