Fake Or Real?

So after looking at the “New Dawn, Continued” post and looking at their picture, I felt as if their photo (below) was fake. Especcialy after refering to their April Fools Post. Do you think its fake? If so, vote in the poll below! (P.S. I am aware of the plane boxes and the wifi icon in the top right)
<img src="//discourse-cloud-file-uploads.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/infiniteflight/original/3X/5/c/5c27c5c8dee6f4a4bd08db3e331f3a96e2242f0e.jpeg" width=“690” height=“198”

YOU! Is it fake?

  • Yes, it seems fake for an iOS app/sim

  • No, it seems perfectly legit

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And please don’t argue in the chat, this was just my opinion. Thanks! :)


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It seems fake, but is completely real!


That dog’s face seems suspicious lol


I guess you’ll just have to wait and find out;)


I can’t trust those dog eyes Carson, sorry lol


This wa already confirmed to be true

Why would the devs lie to us? That’s just plain mean.


I just did a google search on this image and no results but the IF community came up. This has to be true.


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If only we could be like you Carson 🙄 It must be a hard life of testing all the new features.

It seem real to me…


For this i can say something too good to be actually true can be true Soon ∞F
might start giving a challange to PC sim with this kind of graphics despite the many disadvantages Phones face over PC

An IOS/Andriod is capable for this :P

It’s real, that’s a progress of global flight.

Usually when I ask this question I get slapped or arrested.

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In FSX, the only differences are working cockpit instruments, jetways, 3D buildings, realistic time, weather, made up airlines better working lights, and a painful method to change views.

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This have already been confirmed as being the real deal, so i don’t get why there’s even a need to question it? ;)

We/they think so because the first post reads that it looks too realistic, and that it was posted on April Fools. Just believe what you want to believe, realistic or not.

This picture has the squares of other aircraft edited onto it. So it won’t come up on Google Image Search. You could search for similar images though. It could be fake, but it might be a real aerial photo of earth.

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