Failures! 🚨

A feature that I’d love to see is random system failures on live mode.

On live mode it could work like this:

  • User decides, pre-flight, if they will allow random failures.

  • Random failures do not happen often, perhaps 5 or so per day (per server) to maintain realism.

  • Users are randomly picked at a random time and the failure occurs (only when altitude is above 50ft AGL, so that nothing happens on the ground)

  • Scenarios could include system failures (engine fires, flaps failures, inaccurate speed / altitude readings etc.) or non-emergency events (passenger disturbances, toilet failures etc.) which would not be modelled, but shown as text.

  • Low altitude events like bird strikes could occur if the aircraft is below 2000ft AGL.

  • Potential for ground events, on the takeoff roll. (Criteria: When aircraft is at 0ft AGL, travelling above 35kts GS.)

  • When an event occurs, the user is allowed to use PAN-PAN and MAYDAY calls with ATC, appearing at the top of the ATC menu. ATC would be required to prioritise this traffic.

  • The event (and failures) would end when the aircraft touches down and the speed is below 35kts GS (in case of a go around), and it would earn the pilot (and the ATC controller?) additional XP.

I’d love to see something like this, although I understand it could take a long time to develop. Let me know if you’d like this too!

First Officer Tom


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