Failures option

Wondered if the IF team have considered adding failures? So say you could select single or dual engine failure, fuel leak etc? Plus a random failure option so you don’t know what could come along and when? I know it’s not like FS add ons which are technical and thus more room for this option, but just wondered!

I’d love the idea of emergencies or failures in IF!

Also check this link out, cause I’m sure someone else is gonna say this topic is a duplicate and close it lol. So if you want failures or emergencies this might be the best place to vote for them:

It has been suggested before in this topic but I don’t think it will be coming any time soon. As you said, the system details just isn’t quite there yet. It would be impossible to properly deal with such failures. Also, this would be carnage on the ES 😂

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It’s all part of the IF experience. I can’t wait to have an engine fire in my Dash-8 trying to land before I get run over by a 747 speeding in behind me. 😂

Yeah, I totallt get. Just feel it would end with a lot of complaints. But just my too sense.

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Doesn’t IF have a third party app which can have emergencies i forgot what it’s called lol

There is a 3rd party app that allows this to happen its called “Infinite Passengers”

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The only downside is its like $4 a month or something

Infinite Passengers has failure believe the app is $5, and you don’t need a subscription to use the failures.

May I add my opinion regarding this topic…

You might wanna specify which failure. Apart from avoiding duplicate request, also like I said in the other feature thread, I don’t think IF would allow any “Ambiguous Disruptive Emergencies” - but would probably consider “Improving Circumstances in Emergencies” (i.e. things that could easily make it into ATC menu, such as Low fuel, Go Around, Abort Take-off, Unable Because XYZ, etc.)

But if only “Ambiguous Disruptive Emergencies” were allowed… Yea that’d be cool.
Would love to see these emergencies make it into the ATC text menu:
“Bird strike bird strike!”
“Engine (engine number) down!”
“I’m losing rudder control!”

Equally, ATC must also know how to respond to each messages from you and have the command menu available to help you out, all while handling traffic. (This just gets complicated doesn’t it?😅). Devs gotta solve this challenging chain reaction of events due to failures. I hope they wanna, the results could only be educative for all!

And to allow for empathy from other pilots whose flight you disrupted so that they don’t get impatient in the air giving ATC more new problems and complain in the forum accusing you of trolling, I think it’s best when you can’t chose a failure or even choosing that any failure would happen - but the failure must chose You!

So for that, maybe failures should come from failure-point accumulations of numerous aircraft mishandling when on Expert Server, such as too many exagerated Ryan Airesque landings or overspeeds or because of something else.

SO HALF THE PROBLEM SOLVED! Devs, please add failures!😁

Just FYI I actually admire Ryan Air landings as that takes higher skills and intuition than buttering, ehm…😎

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