Failures in IF

I want to fly a plane but I want it a bit challenge.But,there is no failures in this sim.
(Can’t add this in feature category because I am TL 1)
I hope IF add this in the sim too.(Can someone get this topic to the feature category,just create topic about this but features)


One thing you can do is to stop an engine, during takeoff or cruise or whenever, and try to apply the right procedure and save your skin and those of your passengers. Landing with one engine is relatively easy, but it is a challenge. Knowing what to do when it happens is an interesting study.
Happy flying!


There is a reason you can’t post in Features (yet).
You can search for a similar topic and vote for it though. :)

Like this one:

Prepare for this topic to be closed.


Keep working your way up the trust levels and you’ll be able to make those feature requests you’d like to see in the sim. In the meantime, do check out the topic Jan has posted above. I did a quick search myself and there are several topics regarding failures and emergencies. Head on over and cast your vote!