Failure to contact Approach

Hello! As you can see from the pictures below, I was ready to contact WADD’s Approach on the Expert Server this morning; however, I was surprised that I could not contact Approach, and the frequency was active at the airport.
For my luck I did not bring a ghost, but the record of the problem stays there.

This was the first time this happened to me, but on other flights, for some reason, it took the Approach frequency to be available for contact, even though I was still active at the airport and I was within the airspace covered by the Approach frequency.

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Lucky, you didn’t ghosted.

Let’s try to solve here.

  • Restart Infinite Flight
    Didn’t work, try the next one.
  • Restart your device.
    Didn’t work, try the next one.
  • Reset your network.
    Didn’t work, try the next one.
  • Unstall and reinstall.
    Didn’t work, that all 4 of thing I can think to solve. Hope other can help you.
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It’s … the last option might even be considered, but think about restarting the app or device at the end of an 11-hour flight.

Those are good things to do after your flight.

Mid-flight some people have had success turning off and on wifi to re-establish the connection. Some have had success going back to the ATC list multiple times and then it finally appears.


But I see this often in Expert Server, the same controller as Tower and Approach.

Don’t give misinformation. Some ATC’s can control all the frequencies in the same session.

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Have you landed yet, if yes, try these 4 option thank.

Yes, I already completed the flight. As the controller was the same, I got in direct contact with the Tower. I created the topic to record the problem, because this can happen more often (hopefully not). But I’ll remember the options they gave me, I’ll even put this topic in my favorites.

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I’m having a similar issue, but with ATIS. When coming into Seattle on Saturday night (I don’t have screenshots but I know @DenverChris was the controller) ATIS didn’t say active. When I would tap on the blue dot for KSEA it said 2 ATC, ground and tower. When I tuned in I noticed other planes were saying “with information alpha, bravo, Charlie I forget which one, but is was the message that comes after you listen to the ATIS. When I arrived and ended my flight, ATIS was shown as active on the queue screen for the expert server.

Hi @Boeing797,

Given that other people had ATIS you may have arrived immediately after a controller change. When a controller changes (or even disconnects / reconnects to allow another controller in as ground), the ATIS will reset.

The first thing I do when I spawn in even at a busy airport is setup ATIS but there can still be a 30 second window before ATIS is published. I expect other IFATC folks do the same.

I opened Seattle twice Saturday - once at about 12:15 AM UTC and again at about 5:06 AM UTC according to my slack messages. I also dropped off at 2:03 AM UTC to allow a controller to join as ground. ATIS would have been reset and briefly not available then too.

If you were arriving at one of those times it is likely related to a controller change. If at another time then it is likely there as some type of issue / bug.

Other people could have been reporting with ATIS info if they received it just before the controller change and just before you attempted to open ATIS. Definitely possible when busy. The first session was definitely busy.



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