Failure on ILS-Landing VHXX 13?


FPL VHHH to VHXX via VOR LKC, VOR SHK. Landing via ILS 13. I can see the airport, but it is not possible, because there is a mountain on the way… Wrong glidepath on the ILS and grafic failure?

I reccomend searching up charts for a visual approach into Kai Tak rather than a GPS approach to avoid the mountains.


That’s one of the all-time best approaches. It’s noy very hard, but rather iconic. Try it in a 747 for full effect

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Hey there, all ILS/GPS approaches do not take in account the terrain around the airport. It is almost always a 3° approach (except EGLC). Check out the VHXX chart (linked above) for the amazing approach.

…hey there…you might want to check out some videos of Kai Tak approaches. You’ll realise why you’re crashing into a mountain then.

As a Hong Kong resident, I’m a little VERY jealous that I was born after they closed the airport, it would have made for such amazing plane spotting.

Check out this video of planes landing at Kai Tak. They would descend down across the city until reaching a checkerboard, then make a right turn at just 600ft to line up with the runway. This approach chart highlights it quite well, highlighting key waypoints, headings and altitudes:

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