Failure Means Success

So, I wanted to get this out of my chest for a long time. But I didn’t know when to do it at the right time.

I was looking for VA’s one day and I came upon American Virtual. I wanted to join so badly. So I applied and then got accepted into the VA. I was flying in the events a lot! But then one day, I got a message in the Slack from @CollinFlys. He said how old are you. My hearts sinks as I read the message. I said my normal birthday and he explained what I should do and I agreed. But during that time. I wasn’t a great pilot. But now, I’m a great pilot. I learned from my mistakes earlier.

The reason why I wanted to join is because I was just I was just wanted to talk to some people so I don’t feel left out like I am in school. Then again I was new to the IFC and just wanted to do this. It wasn’t a smart decision, but then again. I met some amazing people in AAVA, like @NoahM, @Speedyyy, and @Jeffrey1o2.

Now, to IFATC. It was a very fun training process. My recruiter was @Declan_O. Very nice guy to talk to and for helping someone out. And my trainer, @RTG113. Awesome guy to talk to and help out with any ATC questions. And while I was in the scheduled process of training. It got terminated because I was late to some of them. But that’s ok. I had help from people in my ATC tracking thread. When I passed my written test, I was so happy because I studied and worked hard to pass the test. Then, my practical was scheduled. I failed the practical. But that’s OK. I needed more practice. And then, on Saturday May 16th I had my practical in morning. So, I read the ATC Manual and watched The Perfect ATC Test video and took notes as I was looking at it. I took the test and I did perfect. Passed the test and made this topic, (I still chuckle from the meme I made every time I look at it.) Anyway, I controlled my first airport, CYQB. I had @TaipeiGuru and @Drummer stop by. It was a very fun experience. Then, I opened CYTZ. A bit of a busier airport than I expected it to be. Wasn’t my best session. Opened a few airports during my time in IFATC. But then, that Tuesday May 19th. I had my best session. Everything went well, I had @Gliding_Central on for approach. I felt confident in my controlling. Then, I opened that same airport later that day. Same thing as earlier in the day, everything went smooth. But then, I get a message from @Tyler_Shelton saying how old are you. I say I’m 14. But, I’m actually 13. It was the dumbest move I’ve ever done. I sadly get kicked from IFATC…

Now, the reason why I did this is because I wanted to socialize with more people because I was being left out in school. Just like the same thing that happened with AAVA. I know it wasn’t a smart move. But, I met a lot of people that I’m still friends with to this date. Even though I wasn’t a great controller in IFATC then. I’ve improved by controlling busy airports with lots of planes in the pattern.

As I was thinking about this, I thought if you fail at something, it means success is right around the corner. When Infinite Flight started, they got a bad review. But, did that end Infinite Flights legacy and journey. Nope, not at all. They then released their app to the Apple Store and got a great review from The New York Times, they called “ it the best on mobile devices. This review lead Infinite Flight to one of the best flight simulators in the world.

And look if you have something you failed and want to succeed in it. Conquer that challenge. You’ll get through it because life doesn’t just hand that accomplishment to you. You have to earn it. And Carry Your Passion™️ to what goal you want to accomplish.


This is a good message! Just because there are some setbacks, it doesn’t mean all is lost. I for example, had a few setback but I improved from them and now I’m a Supervisor and Trainer. There were some mods who had setbacks but improved from them as well and look at them now.

We all make mistakes but as long as we learn from them, all will be good. Hope to see you back with us soon 😊


I sadly also experienced this with a few VAs when I first got IF Pro. I joined some but I was only like 13-14 and ig they wanted older more experienced pilots. I’ve always strived for professionalism and realism ever since day 1 of my IF journey and never went through that crazy casual server phase. But I did learn an important lesson then and grew from those experiences. Failure definitely means success is near.


Wait so you lied about your age? If you’re 14 you should be in IFATC as the minimum age to join is 14…

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I’m 13 currently. I turn 14 next month

That means you can re-join next month!



Takes an lot to send an message like this . Very good motivation message for some aswell.

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When you turn 14, maybe we can join IFATC together haha! Great topic, that I can definitely relate to being the youngest in my grade in High School, yes I was a 13 year old high schooler. (I’m 14 now.)

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I was once part of several VA’s, but over time, I just forget them.

I have the same problem as you - I don’t have many friends. It’s a stressful mess of a situation.

At least now I have several friends here at NAPC with me and am on my way to being a Grade 5 (I am currently frequent cut between G4 and G3 because of violations), a good VA always does wonders.

Just remember, lying about your age can get you in pretty big trouble. I know, it’s frustrating - but someday, you will be in the big leagues. Just hold on for a few years.


Tears down 😥

Age is just a number.


Thanks Drummer!

Yes, I fully agree that failure means success is near

Yes Speedster

Thank you!

Nice! Can’t wait to see you in IFATC!


It’s ok. Don’t worry

Yes. Fully agree


Saying two antonyms are synonyms is a bold move.

It is a good message about rolling with the punches though.

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It’s what they call charged language if I’m not mistaken, Martin Luther King Jr. used it quite often back in the day.

@MJP_27, it’s great that you’ve realized the repercussions of your mistakes in the past, and it’s great that you’re using them as a way to educate yourself as well as others. I encourage you to continue being you and using this platform as a way to socialize (the way it was meant to be). I completely understand your habit of always wanting to be the first one to help someone, and it’s great that you have that in your heart. But, I think we’ve overlooked the fact that the purpose is to coexist and create meaningful, productive discussion, and I hope that’s what I can see from you going forward. I haven’t met you in person before (and I know that you’re a great person to be around), but behind the screen, just be you. No need to put on a different face just because you’re on a community of people that may be older than you. I could care less if you’re pretending to be a 75 year old from Uzbekistan (cough cough @Robertine) or a college student in France. I know that you’ll do big things in the community and in the world, because the sky is the limit.



thats so accurate im quite scared

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Mistakes and failure are good for us as humans. It helps us learn more about ourselves and helps us too learn from our mistakes and failures and too make sure we don’t make the same mistake.

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Me being a failure:

does that mean i’m a…

hapiness noises

You’re not a failure. Everyone’s unique in their own way :)

idc if that was sarcasm or not.

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yall better not be unique in my way then XD