failure in communication with ATC approach and KLAS tower

I was on my way to KLAS and I contacted approach I sent the message several times to help me approach the runway 26R I stopped tuning as if I had disconnected, I followed my course to land and when I’m already aligned to the track to communicate with the tower but it does not work either, which is why I landed in an alternate airport, this is twice this happens to me


This is a known bug.

Here’s a tutorial by Chris on how to react if this happens:


Hey! In this case you did the right think by diverting. Sometimes this occurs with aircraft and tower are unable to communicate with them. In this case, the approach controller will usually inform the tower controller of the circumstances. You can also message the controller explaining what happened and your screenshot if you do get ghosted, and the controller will reverse it for you.

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no, I did not receive ghost or anything, only that a short time ago the same thing happened to me but on that occasion if I landed and they gave me ghost, so in this case what I did was to deviate so as not to interrupt the normal operation of the traffic, but it is frustrating after a long flight and you can not communicate luckily there was an airport nearby.

Thank you very much for the information


From experience this can happen if you have poor wife or you exited the app too many times or for an extended period of time. Luckily controllers know of this issue. I believe IFATC said something about this and changing your callsign to let them know.

oh may that be, I went out several times from the application, then that could affect the proper functioning.

Thank you very much for the information

@joslleymiguel_holand Looks like this one is for you to explain. From the ATC log that I can see in the screenshot it looks like approach want an issue. It appears the user tried contacting you multiple times?

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Hi Andres,

I would recommend not leaving the app as this can cause some issues. Once you’re in Infinite Flight and flying, we highly recommend you staying within the app. Thanks for the help!



no but I did not receive ghost I just received a warning to contact me with torre I kept trying but it was impossible so I decided to divert to another airport so as not to affect anyone

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thank you very much for the information

the 26R runway was not open for landing and he could not communicate with approach and neither with me
I saw him change course

if unfortunately I could not contact either of them, but luckily everything ended well