Failing to follow ATC on PG.

I know this thing had been said before and I will say it again, the players in PG servers if you are flying with a flight plan doesn’t mean that you can ignore the instructions given by ATC. Some people( even some of grade 3) are so stupid and ignorant that they ask for take off the wrong runway, ignore request for spacing and the list goes on. Please be considerate and and also keep in mind that by ignoring instructions, you are also ruining other players experience. Because you can’t be Ghosted doesn’t mean you can do anything. Call sign Swiss 681 with some Russian name this goes to you personally.


Hey Aman, we all know that the PG server can be a wild place but as a community, we cannot do anything about it.

The best thing to do is to Report the user instead of creating a whole topic about it.


Or fly on Advanced @Aman_Karmacharya


Yeah I wish I could do that but it says I don’t have enough experience or level( don’t exactly remember) to report players as ATC

You can’t report players as ATC on playground, only IFATC can do that

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IFATC on advance only. You can only get ghosted on PG by other pilots.

I know the feeling mate! Hang in there, and keep controlling!

In addition to Riley’s reply here’s another important one:

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