Failed to land at Paro

I recently flew from Guwahati, India to Paro, Bhutan. This is my second time trying to land in Paro, with my first time crashed into the ground. This time I overturned and landed on the grass beside the runway. 😂 Here’s some screenshots I took when I was flying this route with @AviationNG.

Duration: 00:31
Server: Casual
Aircraft: Drukair Airbus A319-100

Getting ready with @AviationNG


Cruising at 24000 ft

Descend into Paro

Wow this is beautiful


The final turn!!!

Attempting to land at Paro🛬☠️

Ryanair landing on the grass🛬☠️🤮

Parked with @AviationNG

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Skill issue💀


Found a set of VQPR charts and procedures at the following link. Seems that all aircraft arrive and depart via PRO, a VOR station that is almost lined up with the approach to 33, so if you navigate via that it should be much easier.

Staying south of the airport seems like good advice as I almost stalled out and almost clipped a mountain trying to climb to the northwest in a CL35.

Those charts are from 1999.

I’m pretty sure the VOR doesn’t work anymore, and the airport is almost entirely RNAV (RNP) operations now.

Well, just imagine the wing tip strike at Paro irl. That’s a pain to think how to return that aircraft since there’s no maintenance facility. 💸💸💸


Me trying to approach correctly in Asheville

i’m not a good lander


Wonder where Drukair and Bhutan Airlines maintain their aircraft

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They call the same engineer from Ryan air

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Haha they can land as hard as they want then! Ryanair engineers are probably the best at dealing with aircraft that take repeated punishment on touchdown!


The approach was too high for one, and the final turn was too far left. You need to be nearly hugging the right mountain as you turn for landing. There is a reason it is one of the most challenging landings in the world and why only a handful of pilots actually have the certification to do so.

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It’s impossible to land here 😢 I’ve been flying in IF for a few years but this is only my second time in Paro

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Yeah… hope it doesn’t happen irl

Yep, I’ll try that next time I come here

I tried landing at Paro a few times before and it wasn’t easy. Especially runway 15…

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Where’s asheville?


App mountains in North Carolina. @DJW should know where that is


oh ok (10)


Omg hardest place of approach and landing ever… 🥲

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I tried the arrival and approach using the procedure below in a CL35. It wasn’t too bad. Important thing is to have your aircraft in final approach mode at TAKTI (low speed, full flaps, etc.) and then cross PRO at only a few hundred feet AGL. The final approach is steep but very doable at low speed.