Failed the test

Hey, I did the quiz and I’m not sure why but if any Ifatc could help me with sequencing that would be appriciated

Find the qualified people to help you out here: ATC Training

While what @AsternAviation said was true, you should also study the #tutorials category.

Help me get this please: your first post ever on this forum is this one about failing the test, which happened on the day you actually joined this forum 🤯

I mean…how can this be? When and how did you study for this test, and where did you get the study material from. And…how did you ask to take the test without being on this forum? I have more questions, but I’ll stick with these for now.

Before asking for help, perhaps good to first…be here: be and participate on this forum, be a good pilot, study the tutorials on pilot and ATC. And then…ask for help for things you couldn’t find.


Sir what actually you did not find ?

I’ve done the test the day after and have had if for over a year so I know my stuff got a 76%

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