Failed Restoring Purchases

Hi, I am having issues restoring planes on infinite flight, I have bought the 787-9 but those aren’t one of my purchases I want to restore. I need to restore the following.


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Have a read through this. It might help with your situation :)

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It didn’t work for me.

I have replied to your comment on the other thread …

All of your purchases remain yours to install again without charge as long as you use the exact same store account ID, weren’t refunded and don’t have any device mods like root or Jailbroken etc.

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It didn’t work pls help :(

iTunes will still appear as though they want you to repurchase content you want to restore. Accept that purchase, using the exact same store account ID and they will follow up with another message informing you that the item is already owned and can be installed for free. If that message doesn’t follow, that means iTunes has no record of that purchase, or it was refunded. In either case you will be charged appropriately.

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