[FAILED&CLOSED]The real world experience @ KJFK - 312330ZDEC17

Oh sorry…

so, you want to change your route?

nah you don’t have to be sorry about it
just trying to help people stay informed :D

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Can I do JFK - SYD with ZZ?

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Great! You’re at Terminal 7, Gate 13

Haven’t flown a A320 in a while, or flying into Princess Juliana.

JFK-TNCM JetBlue A320 seems fun.

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KJFK to KBOS American A321 please.

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@Clouds you’re at Terminal 5 Gate 26
@Trio you’re at Terminal 5 Gate 28.
Hope to see you there!

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We really need more people…

The event is coming up in less than a day! I hope everyone can make it and hopefully more people will join

@panther are you going to create a group chat?

Should I? Is this what everyone else does?

Yeah you should Create one

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Would like a last minute change.

JetBlue E170 Tto Boston please.

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