[Failed] A Tale of Three Turtles @ RJAA - 201300ZJUL19


Server: Expert

Airport: RJAA

Time: 1300Z

YOU HAVE INFORMATION ALPHA-NOVEMBER-ALPHA: *There will be two generic Airbus A380 spots, and as many ANA 787-10 spots as needed, just an odd number so we can fly in a perfect V-Formation; to celebrate the arrival of the three ANA A380s, we will be flying from RJAA to PHNL. As there are only three ANA A380s in service as of right now, there are only two A380 spots. I will be ‘LANI’, while person two will be ‘KAI’, while number three will be ‘KA LA’; Dreamliners can be any callsign they want, as long as it has ANA or ANA Virtual involved. Anybody else who signs up will be placed in an ANA 787-10 Dreamliner. I will assign you a gate as you sign up. There is no rush. Please be as realistic as possible, and leave any problems you have at the gate. *

Cruising Altitude: FL370
Takeoff Runway: 16R
Landing Runway: 8L
A380s MUST pushback, taxi, takeoff, and land first
Be sure to respect Unicom or IFATC, if available
Cruising Speed: M 0.85

Gate 41:
Gate 42:
Gate 43:
Gate 44 (Reserved for A380 ‘KAI’): @anon45500775
Gate 45 (Reserved for A380 ‘LANI’): @Gtmkm98
Gate 46 (Reserved for A380 ‘KA LA’): @PlaneLover
Gate 47:
Other gates will be added as needed.

Kai, Lani, and Ka La would like you to fly with me!

Our three favorite turtles would like you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight!
No baggage needed, just grab your device and fly!
Ka La would like you to fly with me!
Let’s fly!

(Credit goes to the owners of these photos.)

As this is my first group flight, I expect some flaws, but with your help, this can go out smoothly. Thank you, and I would like you to fly with me!



I will have gate 44

Gate 44 is yours! Thank you for participating!

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Please don’t cancel like last time

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I won’t let you down. I have better planning now, so there is no risk of cancellation.

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I feel like the turtles are very creepy

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Gate 46. Thanks !

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You got your gate!

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What’s this event’s rating!?

Nice! That makes me very happy!

Eighteen days away! Sign up!

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