Fahrenheit temperature option

I would love to see an option in IF where you can change the temperature to Fahrenheit for Americans as you have a thing where we can change the weight to pounds.

I may be mistaken, but I believe the aviation community in general sticks to celsius, American or not.


You can at least change the weight in the “Weight and Balance” tab, not sure about temperature…

I know but they have an option to change weight from kg (which is normally used in aviation) to pounds.

Did you know that Fahrenheit was founded by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, a german physicist?! Why is it only the American unit? đź‘€

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Very good point.

If you look at some parts of the language used in METARs and other aviation terminology, you’ll find that a bunch of it is based on French conventions. Two other examples that haven’t been changed:

Mayday is an English transilation of m’aidez (help me), and the BR you see in weather reports is for “brume”, French for haze/fog/mist.

So we use Celsius because it’s handy and because that’s how it was originally in METARs. Celsius applies to everyone. It’s easier to stick to one unit.

I think the reason IF lets you switch between lbs and kgs is because that measurement is a much more important aspect of the simulator. Knowing the exact temperature is not dire.

Sure, but only the Americans use it.

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I don’t believe it’s just an American unit. I only said that because @StormyAviation said